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Activity & Adventure City & Lifestyle
From exciting water rafting to challenging (yet rewarding) mountain climbing, explore the unforgettable adventures we are about to bring you. Say hello to new world! Discover all the things to do (where to eat & shop) in cities of Borneo. And if you’re wondering what our nightlifes are like, we’d be happy to take out for a drink, or maybe two!
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Cultural & Heritage Family
This is your chance to get a real sense of Borneo – through its history and traditions. Learn all about the culture of natives, or even better, meet & talk to them! Accommodations ✓ Transportations ✓ Kid-friendly activities ✓ Meals ✓. We’ve got it all sorted! So, relax & enjoy what’s most important to you: your family.
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Luxury Nature & Wildlife
With a range of exceptional, sophisticated and luxury packages to select from, we aim to deliver you the vacation of a lifetime, Kardashian-style Borneo is home to one of the oldest rainforests. Join our certified nature guides to experience the spectacular wonders of nature.
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Romantic Sun & Sea
Spectacular scenery, couples massages, candlelit dinners; your sweetheart will definitely love you like a love song, baby & will keep hitting repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat White sand beaches, sipping on tropical drinks, experience the natural beauty and tranquility of paradise. Get your swimsuits ready and put your shades on!
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Customise your own!
You can have your tour packages to be as relaxing as you can imagine or you can have it as adventurous and action packed as you wish – the experience is entirely up to you! You name the places, activities and inclusions, we will put it all together for you!.

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