A diver’s paradise!

Off the north-western coast of Sabah, the Mantanani Islands form a small group of three islands:

  • Mantanani Besar (“Besar” means big in the Malay language)
  • Mantanani Kecil (“Kecil” means small in the Malay language)
  • Lungisan

As you submerge into the underwater world through the crystal clear blue waters of the Mantanani Islands, be prepared to be blown away by the exhilarating swirls of colourful schools of fish, finger corals waving Hello! and the magnificent bed of living coral reefs!

Being home to a menagerie of marine creatures, don’t be surprised to spot baby/juvenile turtles, different species of rays, emperor shrimps, ribbon eels, seahorses and blue-ringed octopuses… and the very popular dugongs!

Tours and activities are dependent on sea and weather conditions. So, we suggest that you allow yourselves some flexibility on the dates you plan to go snorkeling / scuba diving at the Mantanani Islands. Because YOUR safety comes FIRST, we reserve the rights to cancel or postpone any tours and/or activities if we anticipate an absence of a safe operating environment. We will be closely monitoring weather forecasts through relevant and reliable sources.