This is the perfect getaway for both divers and non-divers!

Mataking Island (Malay: Pulau Mataking) is a small island, approximately 40 minutes away (boat ride) from Sipadan Island, covered with powdery white sand and mesmerizing blue waters. The Mataking Island is actually made up of two islands: the Kecil (the small) and the Besar (the big). These islands are connected through a sandbar, which you MUST experience! It’s like….. walking on water!

Island Highlights:

Scuba Diving
There is absolutely no better way to truly experience Mataking Island than by diving into its waters! We heard it’s great for… what do you call it? Macro diving! (whatever that means…!)
Thanks to the crystal clear water for high visibility! Enjoy the abundance of coral and marine life!
Paddle around Mataking Island and enjoy the spectacular and beautiful scenery!
Jungle Trek
Explore the lush tropical jungle – home to numerous small animals and birds!
Rejuvenate! And relax with the wide range of treatments and packages offered: Foot baths, body scrubs, body and facial masks, massage and fragrant baths, you name it! Or an outdoor Jacuzzi, perhaps?
+Fun Fact
Send your family and friends a postcard from the underwater post office! (the one of only five in the world). Mails will be collected by a diving postman once every two (2) weeks!