About Us

Apa Khabar?

(“How are you?” in Malay)

If you are thinking about visiting the amazing Sabah, or looking for a travel planner in Sabah, you are in the right place!

We are a professional travel agency in one of the world’s most fascinating destinations – Sabah.

We are based locally in a nature city called Sandakan (located on the north-eastern coast of Borneo).

With our professional multilingual and certified nature guides, we promise you an inspiring and truly unforgettable experience in this beautiful wonder of natures. We are certified to take YOU to the bush to observe the wildlife you’ll never get to experience in busy cities like LA, London, Sydney or Tokyo! (and of course with safety measures and precautions).

Based on more than ten years of experience in this industry and the many grateful opportunities we get to interact with visitors and tourists from all over the world, we have established exciting Sabah tour packages to share with you! Please visit our Tours page for more insights on the packages we provide. We are also delighted to offer customized tour packages specifically to suit your requirements.

Please contact us for more information. Our Borneo Sandakan Tour support operators are accessible 24/7 via direct mobile; a great comfort if an unexpected event leaves you in urgent need of travel assistance.

Our aim is to make your vacation at Sabah an AWESOME experience. Looking forward to have fun together!