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Custom Tours

Creating Customized Tours is Our Specialty

Custom Tours

Creating customised tours is our specialty, and we are more than happy to share our intimate knowledge of Borneo when helping to plan your own adventure. Let us know your preferences, travel style, and budget and we can recommend a suggested itinerary. You can have your tour packages to be as relaxing as you can imagine or you can have it as adventurous and action packed as you wish – the experience is entirely up to you! You name the places, activities and inclusions, we will put it all together for you!

Itinerary / Details

Our activities and itinerary options are as diverse as this magnificent destination. We encourage you to email us to get (and review) our most popular itineraries. But the adventures don’t end there. Because we have unlimited touring possibilities, it’s impossible to feature everything online and in our printed guides.

As a Sandakan-based tour operator, we contract with a number of the most reliable and professional excursion vendors and hotel suppliers throughout Sabah! Because of our vast product services, Borneo Sandakan Tours can offer a wide range of travel components to complete your vacation wishlist.


Depending on your interests, Sabah has something to offer visitors throughout the year. Sabah enjoys a sunny tropical climate year-round with temperatures generally between 24°C and 30°C. The rainy season is November to February, but is somewhat unpredictable as tropical showers rarely last for any length of time.

Because YOUR safety comes FIRST, we reserve the rights to cancel or postpone any tours and/or activities due to bad weather or if we anticipate an absence of a safe operating environment. We will be closely monitoring weather forecasts through relevant and reliable sources.

Year-round activities include city excursions, heritage trails, wildlife cruises, wilderness lodge stays and island hopping excursions!

Tour Price

Let us know your anticipated budget and we’ll make recommendations according to your needs. Contact us for a personalized quote!


Want to know more about holidays in Borneo? Contact us! Our expert tour consultants are happy to answer your questions and offer a great qualification to create your dream itinerary!