SDK 7: 3D2N Wildlife Experience (Selingan + 1N Kinabatangan) (2B/2L/2D)

Price 3 Days 2 Nights
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SDK 7: 3D2N Wildlife Experience (Selingan + 1N Kinabatangan) (2B/2L/2D)

per person

This 3 Days 2 Nights Wildlife Experience (SDK 7) tour package includes four (4) destinations:

  1. Selingan Turtle Island (1 night)
  2. Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
  3. Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
  4. Kinabatangan (1 night)


The Selingan Turtle Island is an amazing experience.

Selingan is one of the three islands of the Turtle Island Park, which lies 40 km north of Sandakan. Selingan is the second largest among the clusters of islands and is the main nesting area for green and hawksbill turtles. These areas are protected for conservation and preservation of turtles and other marine animal.

As turtles usually come ashore after dusk, we highly recommend at least, an overnight stay. Selingan Island contains the park’s headquarters, a visitor’s information centre, accommodation with basic facilities and a turtle hatchery. For protection of the environment and wildlife purposes, only a maximum of 60 visitors can stay overnight at any one time at Selingan Island. Be sure to make your reservation early!

Watch this amazing video which we think is perfect for educational purposes. Behold the turtle!

Note: Video cameras are not permitted at the Selingan Turtle Island.


The Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary was set up to rehabilitate orphaned and/or injured baby orangutans, aiming to have them returned back into the wild. Here, you will have the opportunity to watch the orangutans up close in their natural habitat.

Food brings people together and it certainly brings orangutans together too! We’ll get you here right before feeding time, and prepare to be amazed by these cheeky little creatures!

We love our orangutans, and we hope you do too!


This interesting trip will be followed by a visit to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, where you will get to watch this very unique species of bears, called the Sun Bear. Sun bears are the smallest of the bear species and can be found in tropical forests in Southeast Asia.

Populations of Sun Bears are rapidly diminishing due to serious threats from habitat loss and commercial hunting. Increasing protection and guaranteeing survivals of Sun Bears in Borneo is one of the main missions behind the conservation centre.

Go and meet the bears, and watch them hunt for their favourite thing in the world: honey!

This really is a unique opportunity to watch the Bornean Sun Bear, up close.

Kinabatangan River

The Kinabatangan River (Malay: Sungai Kinabatangan; pronounced: Soong-ngy Keen-nah-but-tungan) is the second longest river in Malaysia, with a length of 560 kilometers.

Kinabatangan is known for its remarkable wildlife and fascinating habitats. This wonderful journey of wildlife discovery starts from the waters of Sulu Sea cruising through a magnificent scenery of the mangrove forest. You will be cruising down the river in search of primates especially the endemic proboscis monkeys, birds and other wildlife.

This tour package will include ground transportation to and from Kinabatangan River (from Sandakan) and a basic bedroom for a night in a lodge.

Package Includes:
  • 1 night stay in a chalet room in Selingan Island
  • 1 night stay in Bilit, Kinabatangan River
  • 1 river cruise (Afternoon Cruise)
  • Entrance fee where is applicable & tour guide
  • Transportation – land & boat transfers
  • Meals, as stated in itinerary
Package Excludes:
  • All airfares & airport taxes
  • Camera & video fees where applicable
  • Alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips, portage & items not stated
  • Destination
  • Included
    Entrance Fee
    Meals as stated
    Tour Guide
  • Not Included
    2 River cruises & 1 Night Walk
    Climbing Permit
    Joining Basis (SIC)
    Non-Private Basis;
    River Cruise ( if weather permitted )
    River cruises|1 Jungle Trek|2 Night Walks
Day 1 : Selingan Island (L/D)
Lunch & dinner included on Day 1
  • 09:00 Meet & greet from Sandakan airport or hotel lobby (town area only).
  • Head off to jetty for 1 hour boat journey to Selingan Island.
  • Arrival to jetty later than 10:00hrs will not be entertained unless guest is willing to pay full chartered boat price. (subject to boat availability).
  • Upon arrival on the island, check-in at the chalet and lunch at Selingan Cafeteria (lunch provided as part of tour package).
  • The afternoon is spent free at your own leisure. You can swim or snorkel around the island or simply relax on its white sandy beach.
*After 6pm, the beach is off-limit to visiting guests and the Park Rangers begin their rounds looking out for turtle landing on the beach.
  • After dinner (provided as part of tour package), Park Rangers will guide you out to observe the process of turtle laying eggs, transfer of eggs to the hatchery and release of turtle hatchlings back to the sea.
  • Return to your chalets for a good night sleep.
Day 2 : Orang Utan, Sun Bear & Kinabatangan River (B/L/D)
Breakfast,  Lunch & Dinner included on Day 2
  • Breakfast
  • 07:00 Departure from Selingan Island back to Sandakan
  • 30 minutes drive from jetty to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre
  • Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
  • Lunch at local restaurant (provided as part of tour package)
  • 12:30 2.5 hours drive to Kinabatangan River.
  • 15:00 Expected arrival at Bilit, Kinabatangan. Resort checkin
  • 16:00 Afternoon river cruise (2 hours) in search of wildlife that is so prevalent in the area – a good chance to see proboscis monkeys, orangutans, pygmy elephants, birds and other wildlife.
  • 19:00 Dinner (provided as part of tour package)
  • Enjoy a good night's rest in Bilit, Kinabatangan
Day 3 : Back to Sandakan (B)
Breakfast included on Day 3
  • Breakfast is served at the resort.
  • Drop off at Sandakan airport or your respective hotel (town area only)
  • This tour package is for a minimum of 2 adults
  • Private Tour: Additional 30% from the above rates
  • Single Traveler: Additional 50% from the above rates
  • Child (10 years old and below) 30% off
  • *Add on Gomantong Cave / Sandakan City Tour - RM106
Recommended things to bring
  • 2 Days Clothing with a small bag or backpack
  • Lightweight clothing or cotton shirts / long sleeves
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain coat / Poncho
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera (camera fee excluded)
  • Personal toiletries
Other Information
Please note that this is a sample itinerary. All experiences are subject to standard pricing, booking requirements, terms & conditions. For further enquiries, please directly contact us or email to: info@borneosandakan.com